Brewed with Love


  • Open Mic Night

    Thursday and Sunday Nights

    We host Open Mic not once but twice a week! Call the shop on Thursday after we open and reserve your slot for Thursday Night. On Sunday come in and sign up in person at 8pm to be a part of our Sunday Open Mic.

  • Jam Sesseions with Rasaanh

    Tuesday Nights

    Our Regular Tuesday performance comes from the talented Rasaanh, who's chill attitude and great musicianship will have you vibing until we cut the lights on you.

  • Penguin Knife Fight

    The 2nd Monday of every month

    A show to behold! Once a month come join us for a team up of some of orlando's funniest people. Watch them in an anything goes epic battle of puns never told before or since

  • Elements of Hip Hop Open Mic

    Hip Hop at its finest once a month! see calendar below for this months date!

  • Book Your Act

    Email Nick Here

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Monday-Saturday: 1PM-1AM


*store hours subject to change. to check on tonights hours, give us a call.


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Phone: 407-482-8599

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